Geo Tracker setup on Xiaomi devices

In order for Geo Tracker to record tracks in background correctly without interruptions on Xiaomi devices, you need to make several additional settings in the system:
1. Open System Preferences > Apps > Manage Apps > Geo Tracker and set “Autostart” to “Enabled” and “Activity Control” to “Unlimited”.

2. Make sure the power saver is turned off globally in the system: go to System Preferences > Power & Performance, and make sure “Battery saver” and “Ultra battery saver” options are turned off.

3. It is also recommended to “lock” Geo Tracker while recording a track, especially if you want to turn on the recording for a long period of time (for example when you just put your phone backpack for the whole day). To do this, you need to open the list of recent applications (a small square at the bottom panel), find Geo Tracker and long tap it. A menu will appear with a list of actions, in this menu there is a “lock” icon – tap it. You can unlock Geo Tracker when you finish the recording in the same way.

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