Geo Tracker + Tasker = ∞

Hi all!

In the most recent version of Geo Tracker 5.1.3 users who subscribed for Geo Tracker now have an opportunity to automate track recording using popular apps, like Tasker or MacroDroid.

Here you can find instructions how to create task in Tasker, which can start, stop, pause or resume track recording in Geo Tracker. Created task can be used in Tasker profiles to automate track recording – by schedule, events, etc. You can even set up voice commands for Google Assistant via AutoVoice! There is plenty of instruction over internet on how to archive this.

When you create a new task in Tasker, select “System” and “Send Intent”:

On the next screen:

  1. Put android.intent.action.VIEW into field “Action”
  2. Put one of the following into field “Data”:
    • To start recording a new track: geotracker://recorder/start
    • To stop current recording: geotracker://recorder/stop
    • To pause current recording: geotracker://recorder/pause
    • To resume current recording: geotracker://recorder/resume
  3. Put Activity into field “Target”

Leave all other fields as they are.

PS. You can set up Geo Tracker integration in other automation apps in a similar way.

PPS. For developers: if you want to call Geo Tracker from inside of your app, you can do it like this:

val intent = Intent.parseUri("geotracker://recorder/start", 0)

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