Support Geo Tracker development

Geo Tracker has been helping people worldwide stay on track since 2013. It is created and maintained by one person.
  • No Ads
    We do not place advertising in the app. Even in the free version, annoying banners won't bother you.
  • We help people
    Geo Tracker is used by rescuers, mushroom pickers, public transport drivers, and many others. Our application has repeatedly helped people in difficult situations.
  • Data Security
    The security of your data is paramount. We do not collect or share any private data, including geolocation. All information about your movements is stored only on your device.
To support application development:

1. Open the Geo Tracker app.
2. In the main menu, select "About."
3. Select "Support developer."
4. Select the option: make a one-time donation or subscribe.

Your support helps the app a lot!
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