Version 5.1.3 — what’s new

  • Geo Tracker can now calculate ski statistics! More details:
  • You can now automate track recording scenarios by integrating Geo Tracker with apps like Tasker or Macrodroid (More details:
  • App is now fully compatible with Android 12.
  • Some navigation mode improvements made in landscape mode and while app startup.
  • When you add markers into current location, they bind only to the nearby recorded track automatically.
  • Instructions for setting up background recording on Xiaomi and Huawei have been updated inside the app, also added links to instructions for Vivo, Nokia, Realme, Blackview.
  • Fixed some issues while importing GPX and KML files.
  • Performance of statistics and full-screen charts screens was improved.
  • Battery consumption was reduced a bit while recording in background.

2 thoughts on “Version 5.1.3 — what’s new

  1. Hi. Love this app, and have donated. 🙂

    Was wondering if there’s a way to ‘import’ markers (using Lat/Long).
    I note I can create markers on the map, but hoping to import a list of key locations. Thank you!

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