Version 5.1.2 — what’s new

  • Now you can select measurement units separately for distances (kilometers, miles, nautical miles) and altitudes (meters or feet).
  • Now you can switch slopes from degrees to percentages.
  • Geo Tracker now warns you before starting a new recording, if the power saving mode is active in system settings — it prevents the application from recording a track when the screen is switched off (unfortunately, this warning only works on some phone models. For example it works on Samsung, but not on Xiaomi).
  • Now you can search tracks in the list by their descriptions as well as by names.
  • Vertical distances calculation algorithm has been improved based on your feedback.
  • Navigation mode has been improved — bottom panels now never cover the location arrow.
  • When adding a new marker into the current location, information about location accuracy and it’s position on the track (distance and time from the beginning) is now also automatically added to marker’s description.
  • The compass is now automatically turned off if your speed is more than 3 km/h (previously it was 5 km/h).
  • Fixed an issue, when markers sometimes disappeared from map.
  • Fixed an issue, which led to multiple simultaneous tracks being recorded.
  • Fixed an issue, which prevented importing GPX files without time information in its metadata.
  • Fixed an issue, which prevented opening detailed information about a point on the map.

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