Version 5.1.1 — what’s new

  • Statistics calculation algorithms improved, thanks for your feedback! To recalculate statistics for existing tracks, export it as GPX/KML file and import back again.
  • Optimized loading trips with lots of markers.
  • Added new options for minimal recording distance — 50 cm, 10 cm, 1 cm.
  • Removed option for showing or hiding tracks on the map from display settings. Many people turned the track off accidentally and it was confusing sometimes. Now tracks are always displayed, when they are selected in the list.
  • Various bugs fixed.

4 thoughts on “Version 5.1.1 — what’s new

  1. Ive used this a couple of times so can’t yet give thorough feedback but the thing that bugs me at the moment is the fonts on the stats screen are too big and hence overlap and are really hard to read.

    • Hi Adriaan,

      Yes you can, in some way: you can show the recorded route on the map, and then turn on navigation mode (from the “eye” button on the top panel). In this mode, map will rotate automatically, so the arrow and route will be headed upwards, which simplifies navigation using the app.

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