Version 5.0.0 – what’s new

  • Improved compatibility with Android 10 and above. If you experienced issues with background recording before – this update should help! For recording in background correctly, please allow Geo Tracker to access geolocation in “Allow all the time” mode. Also, many vendors (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme and others) have extra battery management settings, and it is required to disable battery optimisations for Geo Tracker in system settings. Here you can find instructions how to do it, for some most popular device manufacturers.
  • You can now switch to Open Street Maps (OSM) in Geo Tracker. OSM maps are much more detailed in many regions, than Google or Yandex, which are also available to use in Geo Tracker. For example, sometimes you can find trails in the mountains on which a person has almost never set a foot 🙂 In many mountain areas you can find the elevation levels information right on the map. OSM maps in Geo Tracker are provided via Mapbox platform. The platform provides a very high-quality cartographic service – rendering is fast, detailed, maps are perfectly cached. Unfortunately, the use of Mapbox services is not free, so the maps are available only to users with an active subscription.
  • The map configuration screen has also been redesigned. Now you can quickly switch both the source of maps (Yandex, Google, OSM) and map layers (scheme, satellite, relief), where they are available.
  • You can now open up to 100 tracks. Please keep in mind that displaying a large number of tracks lead to a huge RAM and battery consumption.
  • Some more information added to the bottom status panel, like momental azimuth, precision of measurements, etc.
  • You can now switch elevation measurement baseline to Sea level. Default baseline is WGS84 ellipsoid, it is not so precise at every point of our planet. Also you can add a manual correction of the baseline. These options can be found in the record settings.
  • In case of issues with GPS, you can reset A-GPS data in your device – sometimes this helps. This option is available from record settings as well.

New OSM mapsElevation levels on OSM mapsNew map configuration dialog

2 thoughts on “Version 5.0.0 – what’s new

  1. Great, that recording is possible on sea level.
    I would like to know, what is the base for the recording on sea level?
    – GPS?
    – air pressure?
    – location on map?

    Thank you very, very much for this great app and all your work.

    Warmest regards from Germany


    It is not possible to send you a donate in the moment / this times – sorry

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