Ski statistics is already available!

The latest version of Geo Tracker (5.1.3) can calculate ski statistics now!

At the meantime, 6 parameters are calculated:

  • Number of slopes
  • Total length of all ski slopes
  • Total duration of all ski slopes
  • Average speed on slopes
  • Average length of a single slope
  • Average duration of a single slope

The section with ski statistics is included on the main screen with statistics, it is collapsed by default. In order to recalculate ski statistics for previously recorded tracks, you need to import them back again (the easiest way to do this is by clicking on the “Share” button under the track name in the list and choosing Geo Tracker from the target dialog). Also, if you don’t need ski statistics at all, you can turn it off in the display settings. The function is available to users with active subscription.

You can install the beta version by joining the beta program at the app page on Google Play, or by using one of the direct links below:

Happy skiing!

4 thoughts on “Ski statistics is already available!

  1. Илья,

    I’m just trying to understand the format of your gpx extension. What does the trkpoint extension geotracker:meta c=”6.15″ s=”0.24″ mean? In general, for matching map structures, an accuracy estimate and (magnetic) heading would be useful.

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Hugo,
      These values stand for momental speed and course (bearing), recorded from gps device at the given point. I will consider adding some other data like accuracy in some of the future versions. Thanks!

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