New version 4.0.0

Hi all!

New update is coming after quite a while, and it brings a lot of cool stuff! New version is rolling out, and here is the complete changelog:

  • Added option for whitelisting app for background battery usage (you can find it in Record Settings);
  • Improved compatibility with Android 8+: recording should work smoother with less gaps (however, battery consumption whitelisting is highly recommended for qualified background recording);
  • Tracks storage is completely rewritten to perform faster and smoother (please give it some time to do migration on the first launch);
  • Yandex Maps SDK updated to the most recent version! Now it works much smoother, looks much better; Unfortunately Yandex doesn’t allow apps to use Satellite layer anymore. For satellite view please use Google Maps;
  • Redesigned work with markers, made it mode simple;
  • Now you can observe and quick copy marker coordinates;
  • Now you can observe distance and direction to the selected point on map (in realtime!);
  • Introduced new panel, which shows current coordinates, number of satellites visible, elevation, speed, recording and gps status;
  • Added Night mode support for Google Maps;
  • UI icons changed, including new location marker on the map;
  • Tracks color mode (speed/elevation gradient or solid) is now persisted between launches;
  • Fixed opening track files from other apps like Google Drive, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Also you can now open track files directly from Chrome browser;
  • Fixed opening track files with quotes in their names;
  • A lot of small other improvements and bugfixes;

You can get the new version as usual, from Google Play. And here you can download APK files directly, if you still didn’t receive the update through Google Play:

Feel free to ask question and provide your feedback!

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