Geo Tracker setup on Huawei devices

In order for Geo Tracker to record tracks in background correctly without interruptions on Huawei devices, you need to make several additional settings in the system.

  1. Open System settings > Battery and make sure “Power saving mode” is switched off.
Phone setup on huawei devices - autostart
Switch off power saving mode
  1. On the same screen tap “App launch”, find “Geo Tracker” in the list and tap the toggle to the right of it. New window will appear, please make sure all three toggles here are switched on – «Auto-launch», «Secondary launch» and «Run in background».
Phone setup on huawei devices - auto launch, secondary launch, run in background
Turn on Auto-launch, Secondary launch and Run in background
  1. If you set everything up correctly, this apps list will look like this:
Phone setup on huawei devices - result
How it should look

Also, app will suggest you to turn off battery optimizations on recording start, if they are turned on (this is the default). Please confirm it, if you want the tracks to be recorded correctly in background.

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