Handling GPS issues

If you see Waiting GPS while recording a track, it means there's no satellite signal, which can disrupt track recording. Here are some tips to fix this issue.

  1. First, check the basic things:
    • Make sure your device has location services turned on.
    • Ensure the app has permission to access your device's location. You can find more details in the phone setup guide.
    • Verify that your device has the correct date, time, and time zone settings as this can affect satellite communication.
  2. Expand the lower status bar by tapping it. You'll see the number of visible satellites displayed there. When there's no signal, it might show something like "0/10," indicating that your device sees 10 satellites but can't connect to any of them. To determine your location, Geo Tracker needs to connect to at least 4 satellites, so you'll see something like "4/10" in the status. Poor GPS signal reception often occurs when your device can't see satellites well, like when you're inside a building. Weather conditions can also affect GPS reception. Try turning your device off and on to improve the signal.
Handling GPS issues - signal available
GPS signal available
Handling GPS issues - no signal
No GPS signal
  1. If you can't get a GPS signal for a while, try resetting the A-GPS data. Here's how:

    • Open Geo Tracker
    • Go to the Main Menu (three dots on the top right)
    • Select Settings
    • Go to Record Settings
    • Choose Reload A-GPS Data

    After doing this, it might take a few minutes for your device to figure out its location, especially if you're in an area with no internet connection. A-GPS data gives your device an idea of where satellites are, and it gets updated from the internet. Without internet, your device has to search for satellite locations on its own, which can take longer.

  2. If the previous solutions don't work, try installing the GPS Test or GPS Status & Toolbox apps and use them to get your GPS signal working. After that, open Geo Tracker again, and it should be able to detect the satellites.

    Geo Tracker relies solely on satellite data for recording tracks because it's the most accurate source of location information. Other apps may use less accurate sources like cell towers and Wi-Fi networks. So, there might be cases where Geo Tracker can't record a track while apps like Google Maps can show your location. To troubleshoot this, it's a good idea to check your GPS data with the diagnostic apps mentioned above.

  3. If you start recording a track, then minimize the app and see "Waiting for GPS" later, it's probably because your device's power settings are causing issues. Many modern devices, like Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, and Oppo, save battery by limiting background apps. This optimization can interfere with Geo Tracker's proper operation.

    To fix this, turn off battery optimization and power-saving mode in your device's settings. The exact steps depend on your device brand, and you can find instructions on the phone setup page.